VisionR allows retailers to leverage data straight from the shop floor using Computer Vision & AI to mine actionable insights from shoppers


Simple yet powerful

The Scout© is installed above a retail entrance or key area in-store

Instant Insights Package

  • Store Footfall
  • Shopping Groups (Solo, Duel, Family)
  • Shopper Profiles
  • Conversion Rates
  • Sales Volume
  • Basket Details
  • Average Transaction Value

Deeper Insights Package

  • Product Engagement
  • Walk-by Rates
  • Dwell Times
  • Profiles Browsing Categories
  • Penetration Rates
  • Category Conversion Rates
  • Purchase Behaviour
  • Profiles Linked to Baskets


Shopper Profiles

Product Engagement

Basket Analysis

Shelf Space Analysis


Shopper Profiles

Product Engagement

Basket Analysis

Shelf Space Analysis

Shoppers Data Access

VisionR Dashboard

VisionR Web App

Access your shopper data through an online interactive dashboard. Different levels of access can be granted throughout an organisation, from store management to c-level operations.

VisionR Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

VisionR scan analyse the data that is important for your organisation and compile it into automated weekly/monthly reports. Receive shopper data reports via email to bring key insights into your management meetings.

VisionR Integration & Data Accessibility

Integration & Data Accessibility

VisionR seamlessly integrates with 3rd party data via API - CRMs, ANPR, weather & more. This enables retailers to view all of their data points in a fully integrated unified manner.

Why our customers love VisionR?

VisionR leads the market offering more data points on the in-store shopper than any other solution, all in real-time.

VisionR has the lowest touch hardware in the market, requiring no input from IT teams, site managers, or the retailer to function.

Every model that operates on the VisionR Scout© runs on the edge; storing no photos or videos, allowing retailers to survey 100% of their shoppers in a privacy conscious manner.

While working with its customers, VisionR designs custom Web Pages, Reports, and Data Flows that deliver consistent real-time insights that retailers can use to maximise their stores and revenues.

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VisionR mines data directly from shoppers as they navigate stores, empowering retailers with real-time insights to maximise their decisions & revenues.

VisionR Dashboard