VisionR uses Video Analytics, Mobile Device Analysis, & POS to capture shopper data

Video Metrics

  • ›   Footfall
  • ›   Profile (Age & Gender)
  • ›   Shopping Groups
  • ›   Behaviour
  • ›   Product Engagement

Mobile Metrics

  • ›   Shop Duration
  • ›   Journey
  • ›   Return Rates (Loyalty)
  • ›   New vs Repeat Shoppers

Till Metrics

  • ›   Transactions Per Hour
  • ›   Sales Conversion Rate
  • ›   Basket Details
  • ›   ATV

VisionR offers more data points on the in-store shopper than any competitor, all in real-time.

VisionR's models run on the edge storing no photos or videos, allowing retailers to survey 100% of their shoppers in a privacy conscious manner.

VisionR has the lowest touch hardware in the market, requiring no input from the retailer to function, just power.

VisionR is a one stop shop for retail data, allowing for the integration of pre-existing shopper data to its platform, adding value.


Operates over 4G
Low Touch - Just Power (Via 3-Pin)
15 Minute Install
No Internal IT Resources Required

visionr scout

Integration & Data Accessibility

VisionR seamlessly integrates with 3rd party data via API, integrating; sales, weather, ANPR, & more.

visionr devie

visionr solution

VisionR is a Shopper Analytics Solution that transforms real-world customers into reliable online data for brick and mortar retailers.

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