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VisionR's Scout Camera breaks down shoppers into actionable insights as they navigate your stores

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Revenue Generating Insights  for Brick & Mortar Stores

VisionR  mines data directly from shoppers as they navigate stores, empowering retailers with real-time insights to maximise their decisions & revenues.


Unleash the Potential
of Your Shop Floor

Shopper Traffic

Seamlessly measure shopper footfall in real-time, allowing for more accurate rostering, inventory management, & store performance.

Shopper Profile

At the touch of a button, break down each shopper into profiles to better understand why shoppers visit in-store areas and who your highest spenders are.

Product Engagement

See which products are receiving the most amount of attention in-store versus those that are mostly walked past.

Till Integration

Compare all of your data in one place on every aspect of your business for this week, last week, or last year with ease.


Login daily to view the performance of your store compared to its usual performance and other stores in its area.

Opportunity Spend

Easily view which areas of your store are underperforming, put a monetary value against those shoppers and measure the effectiveness of your activities to win them.

Revenue Generating Actions

Explore suggested actions recommended to you each day as you sign in to optimise your business.

Unified Commerce

For the first time ever have a complete view of your in-store and online estates, directly link marketing activities online to shopper spend in-store.

Track real-time data straight from the shop floor

The VisionR App connects shopper traffic, profile, behaviour, & till data in one fully integrated platform. Google Analytics is a standard when it comes to eCommerce retail, now the same insights are available for your stores.

Real-time reactive data

All your stores in one place

Onboard other datasets - ANPR, loyalty card, and more

VisionR Dashboard

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What our clients
say about us

"The future is "phygitial", traditional bricks mortar retailers need to get smarter faster. VisionR allows us to measure our stores and customer journeys with the same precision as the online analytics that drives the virtual world. The use cases are staking up faster than the shelves and VisionR levels the playing field."

Chris Donnely




"VisionR has allowed us to leverage customer insights straight from the shop floor, enabling us to use real life data at Maxi Zoo to provide a better shopping experience to all of our shoppers while maximising our marketing effort."

Anthony Cremin

Marketing Manager


Maxi Zoo

"VisionR has given us a better understanding of our customer profile throughout the multiple regions we cater for - age/gender, customer purchasing behaviours, customers at tills in relation to products purchased together. It has also offered us a clear and user-friendly interface for reporting purposes along with a detailed footfall breakdown across our stores"

Paul Murphy

Area Manager


Diesel Fashion

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VisionR mines data directly from shoppers as they navigate stores, empowering retailers with real-time insights to maximise their decisions & revenues.

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