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Using a single plug-and-play sensor, VisionR mines actionable insights from your shoppers.

Our proprietary Scout© sensor breaks down shoppers using their visual cues & mobile devices, then integrates with your store's transactional data via tills. Understand everything about who enters your store, how they shop, what leads to a purchase, and how to maximise your revenues.

Get your stores online in 30 minutes

No internal IT resources are required

Survey 100% of shoppers in a privacy-conscious manner

Drive revenues through data driven insights

Focus on 'Phygital'

How does it work

Meet With VisionR

Set up a call so that we can find out more about your business needs.

Set Up a Pilot

Add a Scout© to key stores to harness instant customer insights.

VisionR Install

VisionR can be installed by any maintenance personnel in about 30 minutes. It only requires power, no need for network cables.

Scout© Activates

Once installed, Scout© will immediately start to analyse shoppers that enter in-store. It does this using our facial detection & behaviour tracking algorithms.

Data is Unlocked

Get real-time access to core shopper metrics like footfall, shopper profile (age/gender), shopping groups, shop duration, shopper frequency, basket details & spend.

Unlock Deeper Insights

Leverage data straight from the shop floor by adding additional Scouts to key areas to understand product engagement, walkbys, abandoned baskets, and more.

Drive revenues through connected insights

VisionR combines Video Analytics, Mobile Device Analytics, & Transactions to optimise your omni-channel landscape.

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Our Client Testimonials

"The future is "phygitial", traditional bricks mortar retailers need to get smarter faster. VisionR allows us to measure our stores and customer journeys with the same precision as the online analytics that drives the virtual world. The use cases are staking up faster than the shelves and VisionR levels the playing field."

Chris Donnely




VisionR certified ISO 9001
VisionR certified ISO 27001

VisionR is a Shopper Analytics Solution that transforms real-world customers into reliable online data for brick and mortar retailers.

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