VisionR provides eCommerce level insights to offline stores

Using a single plug-and-play sensor, VisionR mines actionable insights from your shoppers

Our proprietary Scout (c) sensor breaks down shoppers using their visual cues & mobile devices, then integrates with your store transactional data via tills.

Understand everything about who enters your store, how they shop, what leads to a purchase, and how to maximise your revenues.

The world's leading brands are using VisionR

Drive revenues through connected insights

VisionR combines Video Analytics, Mobile Device Analytics, & Transactions to optimise your omni-channel landscape

Operation Insight
VisionR brings a uniform way of measuring store performance, simply log into your Operational Portal to view each site in terms of;
  • STORE FOOTFALL vs Area & Benchmarks
  • STORE SPEND vs Area & Benchmarks
  • STORE PREDICTIONS based on Weather & Events
Connected Marketing
Measure how your marketing spend affects the shoppers walking into your store:
  • PLAN & MEASURE Marketing Campaigns
  • OPTIMISE YOUR ONLINE SPEND and measure it's effect in the real world
  • Connect GOOGLE ADS to measure direct attribution to spend
Retail Innovation
Optimise your store by measuring how shoppers behave while inside;
  • MAXIMISE FLOORSPACE by making and measuring incremental changes
  • REACTIVE CHANGES in-store lead to increased revenues
  • OPTIMISE LAYOUTS by understanding how shoppers react to changes
Optimise Promotions
Was the promotion poor or was it down to something else?
  • TRACK SHOPPERS through the purchase process, not just the sale
  • USE RICH DATA to A/B test promotions
  • Analyse WHY SHOPPERS MADE A PURCHASE through cutting edge AI

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